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Jack Atlas and Carly Nagisa Finish

Hello Coser around the world,

How are you? Well, we really speed up our working since we have plan for going to trip end of the month. But don’t worry we will send it to you before the time limit *see the calender* hahaha~

Anyway this season is really scary. Really. Please be careful of dengue.

And here the final progression of Carly and Jack Atlas duel disks and costume

Carly Nagisa’s Costume

Duel Disks



Carly and Jack Atlas Progression

Hello Cosers around the world,

In Indonesia is raining season right now. How about you guys? And be careful of cold and flu~ It’s winter on the north area country. So always drink vitamins and keep your body warm.

Today we featured our latest work of YuGiOh’s Duel Disks of Carly Nagisa and Jack Atlas. Here you go:

Duel Disks




Kirito ALO Project

Hello coser around the world,

It’s a shame that we forgot to add this to our page since we’re really busy before new year. Our own project for competitions, the commissions, family issues, and many more. But we are still open for business~

Actually this project is on October

And here’s the result



We’re here to help you with your COSPLAY

Cosplay : Final Fantasy
Cosplay : Mirai Suenaga
Hello, it’s Xhinji and Sakuya here ^_^v
We’re from Indonesia and we’re here to make any commission related to COSPLAY and any stage props.
Wigs, clothes, accessories, armory, and many more.
We can make it for you and for you only.

Please contact us here~